Peach Studio initiated by the angel investors Huang Jun, CTO Luo Tan by Xiamen Online Information Technology Co., Ltd. as an independent partner, is a light asset, low-cost website studio. We value the site’s user experience, especially the mobile browsing experience. At the same time, we reduce the cost of website production to a very low level by reducing unnecessary expenses and using sophisticated project management techniques to provide customers with cost-effective website production services. The official website from the cumbersome outsourcing contract writing, repeated changes in demand, prone to contractual disputes in the harsh situation liberated, the use of the most advanced technology, give full play to the value of customer capital.


Promotion period: 2018/5/25 - 2019/5/25
Package Price: ¥ 2000 / Website
Package Content: Website Design + Development + Mobile Edition Adaptation + CMS + server space

(Package does not include the domain)
For domain name resolution, we provide agency services
Charge agency fee is 20 RMB


+86 177 5063 2116 (wechat id also)